Kutch has a tropical monsoon climate. The three main seasons are

(I) Summer, from February to June,

(II) Monsoon season, from July to September, and

(III) Winter, from October to Juanuary.


Topographically, Kutch is divided into 5 distinct regions:

(i) The Great Rann, or uninhabited wasteland in the north.

(ii) The Grasslands of Banni.

(iii) Mainland, consisting of planes, hills and dry river beds.

(iv) The Coastline along the Arabian Sea in the south.

(v) Creeks and mangroves in the west.

More loosely, the southern portion of the Rann is considered an island, with seawater inundating the land for most of the year. The mainland is generally plane, but has some hill ranges and isolated hills.

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