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Warm heartedly welcome you all to a village stay concept. The stay is provided in the Bhungas and village cottages traditionally constructed by the Meghwar artisan family of Hodka Village.
These Bhungas, Cottages though traditionally built are very comfortable and suitable for stay in all seasons. Those want to get experience in Tents, family also providing Tents in the village stays. The interior walls of these Bhungas are decorated with art of mirror – mud work, coloured patch work on the ceiling, all crafted by the artisans of Meghwar family.

An Authentic Experience at Rann Visamo...

Our Acomodations

The stay is provided in the Bhungas, village cottages and Tented stay which are traditionally constructed by the Meghwar family. Traditionally built and very comfortable and suitable for the stay in all seasons.

Delicious Food

An Ideal Place to Kutchi Food Kutch has always been known for its simplicity. So is the Kutchi food, simple yet delicious.


You will explore typical houses of the village, meet the different families of craftsmen and admire the beautiful models and First State embroidery and leather crafts.

Folk Music

Kutchi music can generally be broken up into three categories – classical, folk and Sufi. Classical Kutchi music is formulaic and has structured notes and compositions. Folk music, on the other hand, is unstructured and open to greater experimentation and variation. Sufi is largely vocal, mystical music with religious poetry at its core..

Rann Utsav

28th October 2019 to 23rd February 2020.

Special Dates

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